Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leading a horse to water

You can lead a horse to water (but you can't make him/it drink). I think about this all the time when I propose opportunities to people that express a need, and they simply dismiss the proposal. In other words, I direct them to the water but they will not drink. Even though they are thirsty, many will not drink. Furthermore, many will not even go to the water. Similarly, it's frustrating to see someone struggling in the pool that will not grasp the floatation device within their reach.

So why do I bother to extend my assistance? I have faith in people, and I believe I am accountable to a higher authority for my actions. I believe I shouldn't walk by a person in need without offering assistance. I do recognize sometimes that I overlook the need, but that's another issue. I cannot make people consider or accept my assistance, but I feel better knowing that I acted. I can only hope that people learn that they are less likely to succeed with tunnel vision.

I agree with the theory of relativity where people prioritize based on what is important to them. I'm inclined to believe that the successful people have done what they needed to do to become successful whereas the people that want to be successfully generally do what they want to do to be successful. In other words, people generally avoid needed actions that are uncomfortable. Like the SNL skit says about credit, "Don't Buy Stuff You Can't Afford." With the same mindset, assess opportunities in front of you, create an opportunity, or create the environment for opportunity to thrive if you can't find an opportunity. It may seem uncomfortable, but consider the comfort of your current situation.

Speaking of opportunities, I think a great opportunity is getting a free Blastoff account. There is no harm in checking it out, and it may lead to more opportunities.