Monday, July 28, 2008

My Daily Bread

My Sunday school class has been watching the movie "Flywheel" over the past few Sundays, and it reminds me of how fortunate I have been over the past several years with all the ups and downs my family has gone through. I am still amazed that we made it through a whole year while I was unemployed without any significant hardships. It was during this period that I grew stronger in my faith and realized I am a steward of what I have. I realized God's will is what matters, and whatever happens will have some kind of purpose. I stopped worrying about the future and put my faith in God to provide daily.

I have read some reviews from people about the movie on that don't understand the concept of turning control over to God. Someone remarked "If I turned my business over to the lord, I'd be bankrupt in a week." This person neglects the fact of stewardship. Another person remarked "Most people are not going to be facing foreclosure and act so calm." Well, my home is in foreclosure status after another period of unemployment. After acquiring another job, we found somewhere affordable to rent closer to my new job. With foreclosure hanging over heads, we pushed forward and put the house on the market with the intention of a short payoff agreement with the mortgage company. We had an offer within days of having the house listed. Now we just need approval from the mortgage company. I'm so appreciative of my legal plan membership from Prepaid Legal Services. My providing law firm told me about the short payoff in the first place, which the mortgage company certainly didn't volunteer. My providing law firm has also helped me expedite the mortgage company's approval process. God provides the resources, so I can be calm.

However, I can be concerned. My son was born after 26 weeks. He weighed 1 pound 14 ounces at birth. He had a tough time with infection, and had an ileostomy after NEC was discovered. He had an ostomy bag when we took him home from the hospital, after 4 months in the NICU at Duke Hospital. I prayed and put him in God's hands. I am so happy to hold and play with him 2 years later.

I don't stress over what I cannot control. I plan accordingly to achieve goals and mitigate risks. However, plans change and I defer to a grander plan. It has all worked worked out, and I look forward to tomorrow.

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