Tuesday, February 17, 2009

volunteer contributions and recommendations in LinkedIn

The Triangle Networking Group just had its Career Transition and Expansion event yesterday, and I believe it was a success. Many people expressed their appreciation. I believe many people came to the event without a plan of action, but they left with a plan of action. The event couldn't have been a success without contributions from many volunteers. I want to acknowledge the great work these volunteers contributed, but how can this be done in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has the ability to write recommendations for the various positions with companies under Experience and various institutions under Education on my profile, but how can I be acknowledged for my volunteer work. I found that I could create a position named "Volunteer" at a company named "Various Organizations". I chose “philanthropy" as the industry because I volunteer to help others. Similarly, people can do the same and list their activities as a volunteer. Other people can then recommend them based on their volunteer work.

My focus with the Triangle Networking Group is on achieving professional success. I believe many factors contribute to professional success including character. I believe emotional intelligence is important (e.g. your ethics, values, habits, and morals). These attributes don't come through in a resume. However, they can through digital media such as LinkedIn (e.g. volunteer contributions and recommendations).

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