Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick of dealing with Chase Bank

I am sick of dealing with Chase Bank. My wife has a credit card, which has been closed, that is grossly past due. I've tried my best to work with Chase. I requested a payment plan and was told by a representative that they would put the account on a plan, but then I received a letter that the request for the plan was denied. When I complained, I was then offered another plan for $10 more a month and I accepted, but I received another letter that the request for that plan was denied. I issued a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Chase responded with a message that they would not speak to me because the account belongs to my wife. They have no problem talking to me about making a payment, so what is their problem about talking to me about the complaint. I just spoke with another person from Chase that constantly pressed me for payment but would not accept that I will not make any payment until someone in authority calls me directly and addresses my complaint. She definitely advised me again that the account will be charged another fee if payment isn't received on time. I'm sick of transfers to departments and requests for programs. I believe I need a bailout from Chase's monotonous, inflexible, and inconsiderate financial stronghold.

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