Sunday, September 7, 2008

Affiliate programs and referrals: the value of a customer

I have been looking at referral programs for subscription services in the past few months. I find it really unfair that some of these services give referrers a one time credit for their referrals that result in a continued customer. The service continues to profit from the referred subscriber while the referrer doesn't.

I have been looking at the independent associate opportunity from Pre-Paid Legal Services. I've discussed the benefits I have received from my personal legal and identity theft protection plans in previous articles. I've also discussed the opportunity I can provide people by giving them a business at no financial cost and handling referrals from them. The referrals would offset the cost of an associates personal plans. It is possible to earn enough to pay for the personal plans, if not earn additional income.

Imagine having an attorney or identity theft investigator through your Pre-Paid Legal membership available at your discretion for no cost. Imagine if the cable tv, telephone, or auto insurance companies would do this for customers?

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