Thursday, September 11, 2008

Triangle Networking Group and Financing an Opportunity

I have been a member of the Triangle Networking Group since December 2003 and assumed leadership of the organization in April 2005. I have worked diligently in a volunteer capacity to create and sustain an organization that enables professionals to succeed in their professional endeavors through connections with opportunities, information, and people. This has been a cumbersome and sometimes daunting task as a volunteer with a fulltime job and a leadership team comprised of fellow volunteers.

My goal is to build an enduring organization that provides tangible value for professionals, specifically in the Triangle area of North Carolina, seeking to achieve professional goals. I believe this is a noble cause and deserves a concentrated effort; an effort of which cannot be effectively realized with volunteers that have limited time to devote due to other responsibilities. The TNG exists to reduce burdens on professionals, and I cannot effectively build an organization to do so for professionals with burdens of my own.

I would like to increase my effort. To do so, I would need sustaining capital. I have a plan that requires temporary capital to get things going. I believe that I could get the TNG operational in a sustaining fashion within two months. I also have other endeavors, which I have discussed in other blog articles, which would produce income given some time to devote.

I have set up a loan to be funded at Prosper. I ask your assistance to get this loan funded. Please pass the link for my loan ( and possibly the link to this blog article to your contacts. If so inclined, please invest in the loan. I will not get the loan unless it is funded for the full amount by Thursday, 9/18. Please understand that this loan is an investment vehicle through Prosper to allow me to build the TNG. This loan is my obligation, not the TNG's. This is the catalyst to get things going.


Anonymous said...

If you have decent plan, have you brought it to angel investors? What is your plan?

Todd Thigpen said...

The Triangle Networking Group is currently a nonprofit organization. We don't have angel investors. Yes, we do have a decent plan although it isn't neatly composed in business plan.

Katie said...

Todd, networking groups are all of the rage right now. You have competition from BNI, MeetUps, and Job Search groups. How does TNG distinguish itself and its measurable value proposition from all of these groups? I think that is your biggest challenge. Once your purpose and value is really clear, you should be able to attract more dues paying members.

Todd Thigpen said...

Katie, you are correct. There are specific networking groups for specific purposes. The mission of the Triangle Networking Group is assisting all professionals regardless of trade or stage of their career. We focus on success in general and connect the professionals with resource (i.e. opportunities, information, and people). We are a central point, available 24/7 to professionals, that directs them in the right direction. The TNG is to professionals somewhat like the mall is to shoppers. The mall contains multiple stores and businesses for multiple purposes. The mall has an information booth and maps placed around the mall for shoppers to assist them in finding what they seek. The TNG, in turn, directs professionals to the specific networking groups. The TNG serves as the professional's directory. It is a synergistic relationship in the professional community, as we assist each other.