Monday, September 22, 2008

Consistency and Authenticity: Do as you Say and Say as you Do

I believe consistency and authenticity are important traits for successful people. I've recently been reading about these traits in a book entitled "Speaking the Truth in Love: How to Be an Assertive Christian" and see commonality in what I've read about enduringly successful people in the book entitled "Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters."

Truly successful people believe in something and assertively act. They don't act aggressively such that they push beliefs or agendas, but they act and react with situations in ways that promote success. They speak honestly and act consistently with what they say. They authentically relate with people. They act, assess, and adjust if necessary.

As an avid networker and professional, these traits are important to me in relationships. I want to work and deal with people that are honest and speak authentically. They do not act inconsistently with what they say. I realize that factors may change outcomes such that people are unable to deliver what they say. However, a true professional should communicate this change. I believe it is proper etiquette because the lack of this communication weakens relationships. This integrity adds value to the relationship because they accept accountability. Therefore, I respect people that do what they say and honestly say what they do.

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